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Sometimes it is necessary to get away from reality to see the truth. 

In other words, it is required to turn upside-down first to design it.

einspanner logo.jpg

Einspanner aims to continue the unique character of the Viennese Coffee Houses with a contemporary approach by integrating both traditional culture and modern values. Besides supporting community resilience by providing a place for socializing, it also provides various space experiences due to the volume change and provided functions. The triangle shape of the main structure refers to the Austrian Pine Tree (pinus nigra) as well as it represents the relationship between people, place, and coffee itself.

nest logo.jpg

Human is a being that exists with its emotions. Just like the design of the Chinese coin, it should have a soft/curved structure against the outside, even though it has a doglegged structure in line with its own thoughts. The design aims to emphasize the sense of equality and unity as well as being able to exist together by putting aside the elements that distinguish people.

3angle logo_edited.jpg

3angle is designed for a couple. Materials        predominantly consist of concrete, offering durability, thermal mass, and low maintenance requirements. 

The interplay between light and shadow is a crucial design element.

The architectural composition incorporates various forms, and angles, that create dynamic patterns throughout the day. The strategic placement of openings allows for the play of light and shadow to animate interior spaces.

dojo logo.jpg

合 – ai – harmony

気 – ki – energy

道 – dō – way 

Aikido is "the way of being harmonious (with) life energy". The design "Dojo" should have been simple but powerful like Aikido. 

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